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Mortgage loans have a long tradition. Offering a quick and easy way of getting money they are  ideal for bridging short-term financial constraints .


At Juwelier Kortum you will get a reliable, discrete and fast proposal of possible mortgage loans.


Your advantages


     • Easy and unbureaucratic processing


     • Immediate cash without any credit check


     • No unpleasant questions about income


     • No personal liability for the loan


How does it work?


     1. You deposit an object of value with value-resistant safety

     2. You get the estimated value of your object in cash


     3. Of course your valuable asset will be carefully preserved


     4. After paying the loan amount including interest and charges you will get your valuable object



Interest and charges


We will charge 1% interest per month and a fee for the storage and processing. These costs are laid down by law since 1961.



Member of Zentralverband des Deutschen Pfandkreditgewerbes e.V.

Do you have a question?

For any further information please feel free to call us or send us an email!


+49 341 225 41 83