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An exquisite piece of jewellery is something special and unique, just like the person who carries and owns it – a jewel of great importance and mostly an affair of heart. In our shops you will find extraordinary and lovingly selected unique items. With this aspiration for over 20 years, we have been looking for historically, significant and exclusive treasures from across the centuries. With a sensitive intuition we ensure only the best for you: jewellery at the highest level.

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Antique jewellery for special moments

Antiques are objects from all areas of human life which are older than one hundred years. Whether these are luxury goods, jewellery or everyday objects – to collect, own and to become part of their history has inspired mankind for millennia. Discover with us times past from worlds afar, which may at least in part enrich our everyday life again.

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Investigation success! Who does this jewellery belong to?

The Leipzig Police Department have seized many valuables, including jewellery, from two alleged burglars and thieves. They are believed to have been stolen and investigators are trying to find the owners. The break-ins occurred between October and December 2018.

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