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Pawn loan without general credit protection agency

You would like a fast, competent and discreet exchange of your valuables into cash without any credit check, then come to us. We offer a quick and uncomplicated way of receiving money and are therefore ideal to tide over short-term financial straits. We are a state-approved pawn shop and a member of the Zentralverband des Deutschen  Pfandkreditgewerbes e.V.

Your advantages:

  • Simple, unbureaucratic processing 
  • Get cash immediately without a solvency request or other credit check
  • No uncomfortable questions about income or purpose 
  • No personal liability for the loan – because only the pledged goods are liable

Do you have any questions about the pawn loan? Contact us:
Tel.: 0341 - 566 332 190 0

How does the pawn loan work at Jeweller Kortum?


You deposit an object of stable and lasting value  (e.g.: jewellery, watches, gemstones, gold and silver goods).


Your item will be evaluated, and you will receive the value immediately in cash.


Your deposited valuables will of course be carefully and safely stored.


After repayment of the loan including interest and fees, you will receive your valuable back unharmed.

What does the pawn loan cost?

As with a bank loan, there are also interest and fees for the pawn loan, which have been stipulated by law since 1961: 1% interest per commenced month will be charged as well as a fee for storage and loan processing. This depends on the amount of the loan.

We are happy to provide you with more information about the pawn loan:
Tel.: 0341 - 566 332 190 0