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Antiques are items worth collecting, mostly objects of art or handicrafts, which, depending on the style, are at least 100 years or older. Although sometimes they may be called antiques with only 50 years of age. Antiques encompass all areas of human life from ancient times to modern times. The Romans, for example, liked to surround themselves with sculptures from Greece, and the great demand also led to producing of copies.

In the Middle Ages, clergymen, scholars and nobles for the most part collected old and rare objects and exhibited them in natural history cabinets or chambers of curiosities. In addition to the actual collectors, the antiques trade developed from the rag collectors to the modern antique trade, which mostly specializes in specific subject areas today. Jeweller Kortum buys and sells antiques of all kinds, e.g. porcelain, paintings, bronzes, as well as objects made of silver and gold.

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